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88 Days to MASSIVE transformation!

12 weeks of Manifestation Mondays starting August 14th @ 12pm EST.

✨ Start your weeks with focus and clarity, specific intentions and action steps, and receive an abundance of love, support and accountability.

During the calls we will cover key concepts on manifestation, experience activations/clearings, access tools and resources including weekly visualization & writing exercises for added clarity and power. This can then be added to your journal or frequency device!

Also included:
  • Frequency technology & vibrations for manifestations, weekly program suggestions
  • Daily body, mind & energy habits for health, wealth and success
  • Mastering your Mindset and the Power of the Mind/Thoughts/Emotions
  • Spiritual Money Manifestation, clearing old money stories (including Shamanic healing)
  • Removing energy blocks of fear (fear of failure, fear of success, visibility, etc)
BONUS: 1 hour focus time/momentum sessions immediately following calls each week for enhanced personal & professional development. Use this weekly devotion and action towards your dreams, desires, goals and manifestations.

Join our conscious, intentional community aligned to higher vibes, connection, and purpose and manifest what you want!

Co-Create a High frequency life you love with the power of community and the Quantum Field

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