Quantum Shamanic Detox 

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and transformation! This holistic and integrative approach to detoxification and regeneration will help you cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.

Experience a quantum detox like no other, designed to balance your body and mind, and harmonize your bioenergetic field and soul. With our expert guidance and support, you'll discover proven detoxification methods combined with frequency therapy and Shamanic healing to restore cellular health and optimize your information field.

As you activate your innate capacity for health, healing, and vitality, you'll experience massive transformation and manifestation like never before. You'll feel more integrated and attuned as we help you remove toxins physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

Join us on this life-changing journey and discover the true power of the Quantum Shamanic Detox!

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Quantum Shamanic Detox Only

 Program Features

The 10 week Quantum Shamanic Detox includes nutritional and lifestyle guidance along with daily frequency program suggestions to support each stage of detoxification & rejuvenation.  Weekly live group calls will take us on Shamanic journeys to clear emotional & energetic toxins that will help balance your chakras, harmonize your auric field and upgrade your personal vibration! 


Detox Nutrition, guided organ-specific protocols, lifestyle upgrades


Meditation/breathwork, mindfulness, mental & emotional detox


Shamanic & soul healing, energy work & frequencies with daily program suggestions!

Week by Week Course Outline:

Week 1: Detox Preparation & Intention

We kick off this incredible program with an opening ceremony to activate your information field and begin the cleansing process. This week  includes detox nutrition, mind/body approach, skin cleansing practices , and a soul-opening ceremony.

Week 2: Blood and lymph love

This week focuses on nutrition and herbs for blood and lymph cleansing. Additionally, we explore circulation in the body and awareness of the mind.  Negative thought patterns will be cleared through the use of the Mighty Warriors of Light on earth in a group shamanic healing session.

Week 3: Kidney Activation

This week focuses on nutrition and herbs to kidney cleanse, as well as opening pathways for filtration and detoxification. You will be guided through a DNA upgrade in every cell in your body while connecting the rainbow body to the crystal grid of mother earth.

Week 4: Kidney Harmony

This week focuses on nutrition and herbs for kidneys and adrenals, addressing energy imbalances, brain fog, fatigue & exhaustion. The Shamanic healing will explore karmic soul release and a deep dive into clearing old contracts to allow new higher levels of consciousness to enter.

Week 5: Digestive Harmony

This week explores the connection of the gut to nearly every facet of your health, including immune system function and mood regulation. We focus on removing physical, emotional, and energetic toxins from the gastrointestinal system, including rewiring old limiting beliefs and clearing out patterns of abandonment and lack of self-love.

Week 6: Pathogenic Purge 

This week explores parasites, one of the most overlooked cause of digestive and hormonal problems. We recommend doing at least one parasite cleanse per year, or more often depending on symptoms, geographical location, and risk/exposure. Shamanic work will involve deep clearing on all negative attachments, including demonic attachments, lesser demons, waywards, soul pieces and fragments, fallen angels, reptilians, and dark ET’s.

Week 7: Heal Your Gut. Digest All

This week explores inflammation in the gut and body, which can be a huge block to health and wellness. We focus on healing the gut and fully processing and digesting all experiences to make space for higher vibrations. Additionally, we explore ways to clear old 3D patterns to allow for development into the 5D consciousness.

Week 8: Liver Harmony

This week explores liver health, the body's primary filtration system. We focus on converting toxins into waste products, cleansing the blood, and metabolizing nutrients and medications, and releasing the body of all anger and fear that may be present in the liver.

Week 9: Liver Flush

This week focuses on stimulating the liver to eliminate toxins, flush out gallstones, improve bile production, and  increase the circulation of blood in the liver to improve overall liver function.  This process involves the physical, emotional and energetic purge of toxins from the liver, body & bioenergetic field. Soul work  takes us on a deep dive into self forgiveness and journeying to a place of self love in the upper world.

Week 10: Replenish & Rejuvenate

Our final week will explore replenishing the body, mind and spirit with this newfound spaciousness, clarity and clear energy. We will conclude with a powerful closing ceremony to honor all the incredible work and multidimensional cleansing.