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**** SUMMER PROMO ****

Are you ready to uplevel in ALL areas of your life? 

Within All Things Frequency we explore all parts of consciousness - from the physical body, mental and  emotional well-being, to the more spiritual and energetic realms. 

We invite you to join our community and be supported along your journey of personal growth and expansion. 

We have SO many incredible events and trainings lined up, an amazing online community, and a HUGE database of content pertaining to energy medicine, naturopathy, neuroscience, frequencies, meditations, and more!  


   All Things Frequency


This is a unique, one of a kind experience not currently offered anywhere else in the energy realm!

This membership community was created to offer education and a deeper understanding of energy medicine. It has since evolved into a sacred space for rapid transformation and raising collective consciousness. 

This is the power of the group in elevating personal vibration and the ripple effect it has in our lives and on the planet.  

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Pick the price option that best fits your needs:



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3 Month Summer Promo


One Time Fee

3 month membership


Your investment in your personal and spiritual growth gives you access to multiple LIVE, interactive calls EACH week to accelerate your transformation. This includes the extensive online library where you can access replays, in-depth frequency training videos, and unique, revolutionary programs such as  Quantum Shamanic Detox, Reiki training, Masterclasses and group healing sessions. 

Our community connection calls offer a deeper exploration of energy, frequencies, personal and spiritual evolution. Our Frequency School and Quantum Health calls offer expert perspectives from energy healing, Shamanism, naturopathy & neuroscience. 

Other monthly offerings include: intention based meditation, Frequency Book Club, and conscious discussions amongst community members. 



Offerings within the Membership include:

  • Extensive library of  content, meditations, presentations, replays, protocols 
  • Weekly interactive Live Q & A's with Chad Fisher and Andrea Page
  • Quantum frequency protocols
  • Integration Calls & Community building
  • Shamanic teachings and Reiki training with Chad
  • Frequency Book Club for personal & spiritual development
  • Masterclasses on various metaphysical topics
  • Monthly Sacred Circle & meditations for sharing & evolutionary growth
  • Weekly Gene Keys Study Group
  • Monthly Sound bowl & breathwork
  • QUANTUM HEALTH Monday evenings
  • FREQUENCY SCHOOL Tuesday evenings
  • All Things Frequency PODCAST

Come for the content, stay for the community!

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 "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

- Nikola Tesla