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Custom TimeWaver Programs for your devices

Made exclusively at All Things Frequency

At All Things Frequency, you can experience the power of frequency healing in a unique and personalized way with a custom TimeWaver program that can be put directly into your Healy and MagHealy device. Our very own Andrea Page  works her creative genius  to  create customized frequency programs exclusive to All Things Frequency. 

With this one-of-a-kind offering, you can elevate your frequency healing journey and receive a tailored, intentional experience unlike any other. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the benefits of frequency healing on a deeper, more personal level.


COSMIC CHAKRAS is a journey through the 7 energy centers of the body to clear emotional and stagnant energies then infusing with rejuvenating and revitalizing frequencies.
Associated organs and glands are harmonized at each energy point along the chakras.

COSMIC CHAKRAS is a complete harmonization of the energy centers in your body, helping your chi- your life force energy flow clearly and freely through the central channel of the body.
This program is a TOTAL ENERGY TUNE UP ✨
Energy and emotions are liberated and a feeling of renewal remains.
By the end, you feel "ALL ZIPPED UP" (as a few people have commented, with the heart space expanded and infused with love.

All Things Frequency Favorites

Healy Custom Frequency Blends by Andrea Page

Quantum Odyssey

Would you like to experience a wondrous, exhilarating frequency voyage?

✨Well now you can with QUANTUM ODYSSEY!! ✨ 
An extended frequency program that you can run on your Healy or MagHealy to help you relax into the depths of the mind, heart and consciousness.
💫 3hr33 min of calm, bliss and expansion 💫
The program's creation and intention is to  support the cleansing of your auric field, activate your pineal gland, balance brainwaves, open the heart space and clear lower vibrations.
QUANTUM ODYSSEY is an infusion of pure light and love into your bioenergetic field, and a harmonization of your brain & nervous system, heart and energy centers.
Schumann Resonance, Solfeggio frequencies, Chakras and more!

Enjoy the joy and receive the higher vibrations of peace, love, and serenity, feeling calm & grounded yet expansive and euphoric.

Shamanic Detox

Cleansing and clearing physical and energetic toxins  is essential to our overall health & vitality. 

As we become more integrated and attuned by removing toxins- physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically- we are able to activate our innate capacity for health, healing and vitality for massive transformation and manifestation.

This incredibly potent whole body purification program offers frequencies to support the major detox organs and systems within the body:

Blood and lymphatic system, kidneys & adrenals, gastrointestinal system including pathogen purge, and the liver and gallbladder. 

Followed by frequencies for revitalization and rejuvenation of the body, cells, organs to restore cellular health and optimize the information field. Each system and focus are infused with powerful intentions, mantras and blessings to guide the energies toward higher vibrations. 

"I am happy, healthy, healed and whole. Perfect health is my Divine right, and I claim it now!"

Quantum Abundance 

Abundance comes in many forms - health, wealth, love, energy, vitality. With the consciouslessly curated frequencies & powerful mantras (combined with your intentions) QUANTUM ABUNDANCE attunes your body, mind, and bioenergetic field to the power and prosperity you desire and deserve.

Includes frequencies for cleaning of the bioenergetic field, harmonization of the body and info field, frequencies to optimize the brain and the mind for higher  states of consciousness and connection. Wealth frequencies. Chakra tuning. Schumann resonance 7.83Hz Solfeggio frequencies. And more!

QUANTUM ABUNDANCE supports and activates the information field aligning to the energy and experiences of abundance, love, and holistic health and wealth.

The universe is a sea of infinite possibility. Tap into this boundless energy source and infuse your body, cells, and information field with the potent frequencies of Quantum Abundance.
Claim your abundance and prosperity NOW!

Allergy Harmony

Do you suffer from food and chemical sensitivities?

Do you feel like your body goes into hypersensitivity from various known and unknown sources?

Do you avoid certain foods, people, places and things because of how you believe your  body and energy will react? 

See Ya Sensitivities Expert TimeWaver program can help!

The frequencies and strong intentions have been selected and crafted to restore balance in your body and  bioenergetic field. 

Resistance is a key underlying factor when it comes to allergic reactions & hypersensitivities. It's the body's resistance to substances, emotions and their energies. 

See Ya Sensitivities strengthens the energetic immune system, reducing and eliminating intense reactions, and reorienting towards responding appropriately to stimuli. Frequencies support a complete cleansing of the information field and instilling positive DNA, cellular and energetic upgrades to the body and energy systems. 

MagHealy Dual Frequency (FSM) Blends by Andrea Page

Emotional Resiliency

The intention is to bring the brain & mind, heart & emotions into energetic alignment for more coherence and resiliency.

This Expert program is great for addressing:
  • Brain fog, Focus & concentration issues
  • Mental & emotional disruption/ desire for more grounding
  • Somatic imbalances expressed in the physical
  • Increasing energy & vitality for the brain, nervous system, and adrenal glands
  • Harmonizing emotions & associated organs/meridians
This is a unique MagHealy program that harnesses the power of frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM), applying dual frequencies to reboot the brain and balance emotions. 

Combined with the revolutionary technology of the MagHealy, the frequencies and delivery of Emotional Resiliency aim to help you feel calm and grounded while orienting the brain and mind to more alert, focused states.

Activate your brain power while expanding your awareness and experiences by being more attuned to your thoughts, emotions and vibrations.

Your Own Custom Program 

How about a custom Healy or MagHealy program crafted for you and uploaded on your frequency device?
This is a unique-to-you custom program with a focus on your health and well-being using your clear intentions.
Once the investment is made (link in comments below), you will receive a questionnaire to complete that will be used to craft your custom program.
We tailor intentions and select frequencies that meet your needs, desire and focus.
Full guidance and support provided by me!

Quantum    Odyssey

Using TimeWaver technology and frequency-specific microcurrents, this program is designed to reboot the brain and repattern the nervous system to optimal functioning and harmony.

The brain and nervous system respond very well and very quickly to FSM. This is an incredibly detailed, methodical therapeutic program that will take your brain function to the next level while rebalancing your nervous system and infusing your energy with vitality!

3 hours and 33 minutes of bliss & activation.

Full list of frequencies on Channel A (issue) and Channel B (tissue) provided upon purchase.
Focus & breakdown of the program:




In order to add your preferred program to your Healy device without any hassles, it is important to obtain your TAN. During the checkout process, you will be asked to enter both your TAN and the name of the program. Here's how you can locate your TAN:

  1. Visit your experts area.
  2. Select "generate new TAN."
  3. Copy your TAN number for us to have in your checkout process. 

Please allow us up to 24 hours to download your selected program onto your Healy device. In case we face any issues, we will inform you via email.