Chad and Andrea are here to guide and elevate your experience whether you are familiar with energy medicine or brand new to vibrational therapies. Between us we have over three decades of combined experience as health & wellness practitioners.

Chad Fisher


Chad Fisher is the owner and founder of Chad Fisher Healing. As a certified Shaman, Reiki Master and Quantum Energetic Healing Practitioner, Chad has studied and trained under some of the most influential healers, spiritual teachers and success gurus in the industry, including Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and Michael Beckwith. As part of his practice, Chad utilizes and shares this wealth of knowledge with his clients and students to apply in their own lives; helping them overcome any obstacles that may be hindering the changes they wish to achieve.

As a certified and experienced Energetic Healing Practitioner and Frequency Healer, Chad is dedicated to helping others break through their limiting beliefs to achieve the self-transformation they seek, within a safe, non-judgmental space of inclusivity and openness.

Chad has created a practice that is focused on healing the individual within to enkindle a vibration of change that is customized to the unique needs and goals of each client. He hopes that his own personal transformation story will act as a guide for others who feel stuck, blocked or disheartened in their own lives.

Chad has spent extensive time alone in the jungles of Peru in 2021 learning and participating in plant ceremonies to promote healing for himself and his future clients.  During his time in Peru, Chad was gifted special spiritual gifts and insights from his Shamanic healer who is well known in the spiritual arena.


Andrea K. Page


Andrea is a neuroscientist, holistic health practitioner, and energy alchemist who is deeply devoted to empowering others in their health and wellness journey. She offers a unique perspective, having worked in healthcare for over a decade, primarily in radiation oncology.

Since leaving the world of conventional 'healthcare' Andrea has undertaken a deep exploration of natural medicine. Currently completing her PhD in Integrative Medicine, Andrea has also studied holistic nutrition, detoxification, herbalism, counseling, holistic cannabis & psychedelic integration, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, trauma & emotional release. In the last few years Andrea has  incorporated frequency therapy and quantum medicine with clients with phenomenal results. 

Andrea's coaching integrates the profound knowledge of naturopathy, neuroscience, and the human biofield. Ancient practices merged with future technology, connecting the interwoven aspects of body, mind, and energy for healing and augmenting health. 

A core theme in a coaching relationship with Andrea is empowerment. It's a collaborative effort and also a journey of self-discovery, activating the healing powers within. Andrea is keen to share her passion and knowledge with those who are ready for transformation, ready to receive loving support and guidance to restore balance in the body, mind and energy!

On a personal level, Andrea is a devoted mother to her two incredible children. They enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, scootering and seeking adventures and joy.